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Jul 15, 2017  · Democrats need a message and a narrative now. The Republican Party is in dire straits. They have a president embroiled in the Russia Scandal. They have a health care bill nobody likes. And they have not signed any substantive legislation even with full control of the government. Yet, Democrats seem unable to come up with a cogent message.

Hillary Clinton Civil Rights 1960s Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered a stark view of the country on Sunday, comparing the current “crisis in our democracy” to the turbulence that occurred amid the Civil Rights. Every night, Hillary and her younger brothers, Hughie and Tony, knelt by their beds to pray. [Transcript: Hillary Clinton’s 1993 interview with The Washington

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who oversees immigration legislation, said Kushner’s.

The Republican candidate polled two percent more than his Democrat rival. El candidato republicano obtuvo un dos por ciento más de votos que su contrincante demócrata. noun. 3. (supporter of a republic) a. el republicano , la republicana.

Democrats gained a dozen seats in the House, narrowing Republicans’ majority in the lower chamber. we rely on members to help keep our stories free and our events open to the public. Do you value.

The Scholten campaign is hoping to capitalize on Republicans’ disillusionment with King. “You have two types of Republicans on the fence: those embarrassed by [King] for his extreme rhetoric but also.

Claim: The two major U.S. parties (now called Democrats and Republicans) went through many changes in American history as support from geographic locations, party leaders, political factions, stances on k…

SAN ANTONIO — Chip Roy, the Republican nominee in. phone and reels at the news: “What do you mean, you don’t take that any more? But it’s through my work!” A voice-over and on-screen text explain.

Even in a conservative district, Lamb managed to capitalize on anti-Trump. “If that’s the case, who do you blame it on, the president and the party in power, or not?” As Bliss had said, for.

“Counteracting that, you have the fact Kansas is a red state, Republicans do outnumber Democrats. But Democrats have tried to capitalize on that before, with mixed results. In 2014, when Mr.

2018 Election: Republicans keep supermajority in state Senate Trump and Pence 2020:’Mike, will you be my running mate. Also, Donnelly’s message against the "radical left" didn’t do much to energize.

A series of blunders hobbled the party and were capitalized on by Republicans. “That’s what you do when you have any special election — you consolidate the vote.” Republicans also played hardball.

Jul 31, 2006  · To answer the original question, I don’t think you have to be a Republican to be a Christian. I’m not really even a Republican anymore. In the words of the great Ronald Reagan, as he said when he left the Democratic party, "I didn’t leave them, they left me." I’m an Independent now.

"It’s the least I can do for. voting for Democratic candidates, said. "You have to participate." With control of the U.S. House and Senate and the Pennsylvania Governor’s Mansion on the line in.

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Why do you hate undocumented immigrants?. (Republican) exploit and capitalize on these strengths and weaknesses to win support. What do I think about it?: America is gerrymandered to favor rural areas and there is a lopsided representation of elected officials from the right, if elections were decided on the popular vote (one person = one.

“Well guess what, the Republicans actually gained a seat in 2014. And now we’re hearing the same thing all over again.” Ballenger said the 27-11 majority probably is the best Republicans can do and.

Republicans can also say that Democrats would have tried to fix this budget problem with tax hikes. Already you can hear the Democrats and their media surrogates griping about boom-era tax reforms.

With an increasingly embattled Republican Party and an energized Democratic base, the political winds are looking favorable for them. Still, Inslee and others at the DGA recognize they have a lot of.

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Jan 16, 2019  · Everyone else has to be who they think the voter wants them to be, and the Democrat Party – along with their Republican brethren, oftentimes.

Republicans capitalize on anti-Obama fervor in coal country. which trickled down to other Democrats. "You don’t have to be fair in politics," Patton said, noting that the story of coal’s.

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WP: What do you say. You can capitalize that. Sherrod Brown. He told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that he’s talking about the pros and cons of a White House run with his family: “My message clearly.

North Dakota’s Republicans have given Democrats an opening in 2018, but can the liberals exploit it? Much is made of the utter electoral devastation North Dakota Democrats have suffered in recent.

Suddenly, Democrats are almost as numerous as Republicans in deep red Georgia. And it may be because of President Donald Trump. Where Georgia voters are unhappy, Democrats see a chance to capitalize.

Including those members who are leaving to run for another office, there will be 16 open House seats vacated by Democrats and 35 for Republicans. It is a political truism that the more seats you have.

Sep 10, 2014  · Rebellion, regardless of the form it takes, will always be en vogue. This adage goes a long way in explaining the appeal of Barack Obama circa 2008. Obama was the perfect David to the establishment’s Goliath. After all, he defeated standard-issue Democratic and Republican choices in Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

When you. Democrats face huge geographic disadvantages due to clustering of Democrats in big cities, as well as Republican successes in gerrymandering, voter ID laws, and restrictions on Democratic.

May 13, 2019  · Maeve Lyman, Writer. May 14, 2019 • No Comments. There is a measles outbreak that is stretching across the United States. For those of you who do not know, measles is an infectious disease that causes fever and a red rash.

Libertarians–Are you ready to capitalize on the coming Republican collapse?. By late 2007, the voting rolls statewide had expanded by 60,506, with 60% of that increase going to the Democrats, while the Republicans garnered a measly 11.1%. In fact, between 2004-2007 the Republican registration totals actually dipped by 3,372.

The Republican candidate polled two percent more than his Democrat rival. El candidato republicano obtuvo un dos por ciento más de votos que su contrincante demócrata. noun. 3. (supporter of a republic) a. el republicano , la republicana.

Apr 25, 2007  · I was reading a thread on The Hillary when I started tallying pro Democrat and pro Republican comments. So I began wondering: Are architects as a profession more democrat or republican biased? So I reasoned that most architects live on the coasts where most of the country’s population is, and that.

Change the channel to MSNBC, and you’ll hear talk of undocumented immigrants. After a rocky start to Bill Clinton’s presidency, Republicans were looking to capitalize in the midterm elections. Newt.

The Republican candidate polled two percent more than his Democrat rival. El candidato republicano obtuvo un dos por ciento más de votos que su contrincante demócrata. noun. 3. (supporter of a republic) a. el republicano , la republicana.

Republicans and Democrats don’t just disagree on how to. "So many candidates for Congress. How do you choose? Send a Marine," an ad from Republican Chimer Clark’s campaign begins. Support for the.

Mar 17, 2018  · In the Midwest, South and West, Republican-held districts that had not appeared on the map in recent years, or ever, are in Democrats’ sights. The party capitalized on resistance to.

When people form a group and give it a name, it should be capitalized. Capitalize names of organizations, institutions, stores, businesses, teams, political parties, and government bodies.