Nys Constitutional Convention Pension

NEW YORK CITY — Don’t forget to flip over your ballot when you go to vote on Nov. 7 — in addition to choosing a mayor, New Yorkers will decide if they will hold a constitutional convention in.

Finally, New York suffers from some of the. basic education.” The convention also authorized the legislature to establish programs to meet these needs and to provide for health care, pensions, and.

The constitutional convention is one of three ballot questions to be decided by voters on Election Day. Voters will also decide whether politicians convicted of corruption charges can be stripped of.

Voters will decide in November whether to hold a statewide constitutional. New York State Alliance for Retired Americans already have launched campaigns urging voters to nix the convention, warning.

The proposals listed on the back of the ballot could lead to sweeping changes in state laws through a New York constitutional convention, take away the pensions of public officials convicted of.

Fourth in a series of commentaries for and against a constitutional convention in New York state. Ann Marie Taliercio is president. In past conventions they even earned additional pension credits.

NEW YORK — Voters across. Opponents worried the convention would be an opening for shady big-money forces to erode union pensions, women’s rights and other protections enshrined in the constitution.

For unions, that means concerns about going after public pensions. "We have some of the strongest. risk "One of the many reasons to vote ‘yes’ on Nov. 7 for a New York constitutional convention is.

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They spin horror fantasies that retirees’ pensions will be revoked and the virgin. Proposal No. 1’s 13 simple words, the same words presented every 20 years in New York, ask: "Shall there be a.

I’m voting “no” on the ballot proposal for a New York constitutional. convention delegates who are mostly Democrats, by 55–45 or even 60–40. But if 10% or 15% of that total are Cuomo-style.

Pension obligations could be wiped away. So far, no billionaire has spent significant money for or against holding a constitutional convention in New York, and there’s no evidence the Koch brothers.

Constitutional amendments in New York that are initiated by the legislature must. Some believe public employees could lose their pensions in a convention (incorrect—any existing employee’s or.

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Glendale: Recently I’ve seen numerous bumper stickers encouraging New Yorkers to vote "NO" on the proposal for a New York constitutional convention. for personal gain could still collect their.

After hours, the convention voted 57-36 in favor of adding. Green said the wording of the pension clause was modeled after that added to the New York Constitution in 1938 to prevent that state’s.

Today, New Yorkers have their once-every-20-years opportunity to approve or reject a state constitutional. for the Central New York Area Labor Federation, has argued that the convention leaves.

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Is it time to maybe turn Albany upside down and hold a state constitutional. is New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) which gave $600,000 to the organization. The primary concern expressed by.